About us

Recent researches prove that learning a foreign language at an early age in case the correct programme used, is more efficient and faster. Especially the rapid and ongoing improvement of hi-tech and informatics offers a vast range of opportunities. However, to benefit from the opportunities, well- made planning, content, experience, and technological skills are inevitably required. Such planning could only be realized in case the children can have access to a programme which they enjoy learning, repeating by interesting activities and techniques, hence the programme should be based on storytelling and gamification.

Having been improved according to this modern approach, we proudly present Super Kids English programme to you and your children for the perusal. Most of the languages in many countries are structurally different than English. Hence, the learners of English in such countries face with difficulties mostly in improving their English to be able to use it fluently and accurately. Working for GLOBAL ACADEMY - Almina EduTech, there are the highly talented technical team, educationists who has had great experience of teaching in the Middle Eastern and the Far Eastern countries, and the educational consultants who had worked for eminent publishers such as Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press. The high quality of our product owes much to our team who had a vast experience of teaching and publishing